The Year in Vikings

Bill Simmons runs it down:

Here were your past 23 months as a Vikings fan: an iconic stomach-punch playoff loss to New Orleans (one first down from the Super Bowl); the “Is Favre coming back or isn’t he?” saga, followed by Favre’s sexting scandal; the Kevin/Pat Williams Star Caps suspension; Brad Childress’ creepy final season; the 2010 Vikes turning things around just enough down the stretch to screw themselves out of a top-five draft pick; Christian Ponder over Andy Dalton; the ongoing threat of the Vikes moving to L.A.; the Donovan McNabb era; their best cornerback (Chris Cook) getting knocked out for the season by an ugly domestic violence incident; a 2-12 start in 2011 highlighted by a story that Minnesota’s defensive players were ignoring their coordinator; the whole “Wait, Joe Webb is better than Ponder, what the hell do we do now?” issue; then Adrian Peterson’s blowing out his knee during the same Week 16 victory that cost them the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes.

And the team’s GM for all that time, Rick Spielman, just got… a promotion?


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