Quote of the Day

Paul Waldman on the GOP’s class war:

For all their talk of the horrors of “class warfare,” conservatives are enormous class warriors, it’s just that they want people to think differently about class. Their story goes like this: There is no such thing as an economic elite, but if you want to get mad about your situation, your anger should be directed at the cultural elite. Snooty Upper West Side liberals, sanctimonious hippies, stupid Hollywood actors, arrogant college professors, biased reportersthese are the people who are keeping you down. They hate your religion, they hate your taste in food and entertainment, they hate the country you love, and they’re trying to subvert everything you believe in and hold dear. Don’t get mad at the corporation that closed the plant in your town, get mad at some professor of cultural studies somewhere who said contemptuous things about America. Don’t get mad at the politicians who want to eliminate capital gains taxes and regulations on Wall Street, get mad at the people who want to put up a mosque in lower Manhattan. Forget about economics, because there’s a more important war going on, a war for the soul of our nation, between good, honest, hard-working folks like you and the Republicans who want to represent you on one side, and the godless fornicating arrogant liberals who are trying to destroy America.


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