Quote of the Day

Paul Waldman, summing up my feelings on Pat’s years-too-late sacking:

Buchanan has enjoyed a lucrative career as a pundit for the last couple of decades because hes articulate and passionate, and his abominable opinions make for good TV. He does indeed say things other people are afraid to say, not so much because he has courage others lack, but because those things are, well, awful. He has every right to speak his mind in any way he likes, but no one has a First Amendment right to a slot on the MSNBC payroll. Furthermore, hes not being blacklisted, he got fired from one corporation. Blacklisting is a decision by a group of employers meant to ensure that you cant get work anywhere. When screenwriters got blacklisted from Hollywood studios in the 50s, it meant that they couldnt ply their trade anywhere in the industry. Pat Buchanans voice isnt being silenced.


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