The Case Against

A great piece by Tom Ferrick, a former Inquirer columnist, on the awful, imitation-Huffington, boobies-slideshow-dominated Philly:

The problem with Doing dumb stuff is that you draw dumb people.
I don’t know the average IQ of the folks who dip into, but to judge from the comments section on the site I’m guessing low 80’s. To be fair, not all of those who comment are morons; some are psychopaths, others are chronic misogynists and a large number of them are haters. Whenever they read the word “black” or “African American” their hands shake, they foam at the mouth and they take to the keyboard to spew. At times, the comments section on resemblesa virtual Klan meeting.
Anyone who is sane, reasonable or mildly intelligent runs the risk of being verbally raped by commenting on the site. The trolls rule, man. Not a good thing. It scares away good people and just leaves the droolers.

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