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Posts From Last Week

A whole bunch of stuff I wrote last week:
Writings from throughout last week:
– At Philly Post, I looked at the NFL draft and how much it demands from fans.
And at the new EntertainmentTell:
– I review “The Five-Year Engagement”
Glee is not Gonzo
– Why in-theater texting should remain illegal.
– A look at a new horror/anti-porn propaganda film called “Harmless”
I say goodbye to “The Life and Times of Tim”

No, the Vikings Aren’t Leaving

Everyone in Minnesota in panicking this week, because the latest Vikings stadium effort failed in the state legislature, and this morning Zygi Wilf’s plane was spotted in Los Angeles. Sid Hartman is fearmongering about an imminent departure, while Mike Florio is snarking about it.
I say now what I’ve been saying since the Vikings stadium debate started:

1. Sid-driven relocation fearmongering is B.S. 99 percent of the time. (Remember this?)
2. L.A. has their stadium act even less together than Minnesota does
3. The Twins came closer to leaving, about 15 different times, than the Vikings are now, and they didn’t leave

Here’s what’ll probably happen: the Vikings won’t leave, this year or next year, and the stalemate will continue. At some point, they’ll announce a tentative deal to move to L.A., everyone will go nuts, and then the legislature will convene and approve the stadium. That scenario is far, far more likely than a move, next year, to a nonexistent L.A. stadium.

Writings of the Week

We’re almost through the first full week of EntertainmentTell, and it’s going pretty well so far. Here’s what I’ve written:
– A review of “The Lucky One”
– The story behind Jack Black’s crazy new movie “Bernie”
The slate at Cannes next month.
– Ron Paul: The Video Game
– The “Friday Night Lights” digital book sequel.
And outside the mothership, here’s my Philly Post column on why sports announcers aren’t really as biased as you think.

Go For Launch

I’m happy to announce the arrival of EntertainmentTell, a new website of which I am the editor-in-chief, which officially launched on Wednesday. You can check out the site at this link.
Highlights (from me) from the first three days:
– Bruce Springsteen tour dates.
– Reviews of “The Three Stooges,” “The Cabin in the Woods” and “Bully.”
A review of the “Muppets” Blu-ray.
– And my column from the new issue of Tell magazine.
There’s MUCH more to come, so enjoy.