Highlights From Around the Web

A few articles I’ve enjoyed in recent weeks:
– I’ve been waiting years for this, but the Jewish summer camp sport Gaga has finally broken through in the mainstream! The New York Times has more. I think I need to find an adult Gaga league to join.
The Classical looks at John Rocker’s latest career nadir, as a World Net Daily columnist.
– Drew Magary’s been on a roll lately at Deadspin/Gawker, I especially liked his shot at Matt Millen the day of the Freeh Report.
– Fortune had a must-read piece about how most of what is known about the Fast and Furious scandal is wrong.
– Sally Jenkins, the last journalist to interview Joe Paterno, absolutely eviscerated him for lying to her in a column the day after the release of the Freeh Report.
– Alex Pareene, who’s just been killing it lately over at Salon, gives an overview of the the Brett Kimberlin vs. right-wing bloggers melee.
– The area blocks from my office was home to David Lynch in the ’70s, inspired him to make “Eraserhead,” and is even known as “The Eraserhood,” Philadelphia Weekly wrote.
Balloon Juice is right: this election is the ugliest election ever, because all of them are.

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