Welcome to the New Blog

After promising to do so for quite awhile, I’m now moving
my blog over to WordPress. I got a little sick of blogging on
Movable Type- software which is nearly a decade old- and figured it
was time to re-launch over here. I’m planning to eventually
redirect this site to SteveSilver.net; if you know how to do that,
please let me know. I’ve also imported in my ten years of old
posts, although it appears to have stalled out with the 2009 stuff.
At this site I’m planning to link to all my stuff that’s published
elsewhere, and also post the occasional personal essay or other
thing. I’ll make it a goal to post something new every day, so as
not to let this site languish like the old one did. Otherwise,
follow me on
, friend me on
, or email me at StephenSilverWriter at

One thought on “Welcome to the New Blog

  1. Pete

    Congrats on the big move, Steve. Looking forward to reading you here. Similarly, I’m thinking of updating my xanga blog to a livejournal.


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