In Defense of Bob Costas

Some stuff from the cutting room floor of this week’s Philly Post column:

During halftime of the Eagles-Cowboys game on Sunday night, longtime NBC host Bob Costas delivered a commentary in which, briefly at the end, he agreed with a column by sportswriter Jason Whitlock that if Belcher had not had a gun, both he and Perkins would still be alive.

Costas has been frequently pilloried this season- often rightly- for the sanctimonious tone of his halftime commentaries. But I didn’t see anything especially wrong with what he said. He didn’t call for guns to be banned or for any specific legislative remedy. He was critical of gun culture and the tendency for arguments to escalate into death when one or both participants have a gun. And contrary to the belief of a whole lot of people on Twitter who were calling for Costas’ firing, a member of the media criticizing gun usage is not a violation of the Second Amendment.

The people blaming the tragedy on guns are Bob Costas and Jason Whitlock- and not any major politicians of either political party. So in other words, your gun rights are not in danger.


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