Twins! Phillies! Trade!

I always love when the Twins and Phillies make a trade. I end up with every baseball fan I know, whether from Minnesota or Philly, asking my opinion on it.

I understand why both teams did it, but I love the deal for the Twins. Mostly because I love Vance Worley; I even wrote a whole column earlier this year about why the Phils shouldn’t trade him. Trevor May has potential as well, and what the Twins really need is pitching. Now they’ve got a little bit.

As for the Phils, I get that they needed some youth, and a guy who’s under team control for a long time. That hasn’t been a consideration in their last ten trades, so why not start now? The problem is, Revere is unproven- he hasn’t played a full year in the majors yet- doesn’t hit for power, and doesn’t get on base. Still, he’s an exciting player, and I’m excited for my friend Noah to learn his name and maybe even forget Shane Victorino’s.


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