New Youk Yankees

News Item: Kevin Youkilis signs one-year deal with Yankees

Youkilis has long been one of my favorite players in baseball, while the Yanks are my least-favorite team. So am I mad at Youk for signing with the Yankees? No, not at all.

Does Youkilis, who has played most of his career with the Red Sox, owe the team loyalty, which should preclude him from accepting an offer from their most hated rival? No! Because the Red Sox traded him last year, with the manager trashing him on his way out the door. They didn’t show any loyalty to him, so why should he return it?

If I were a Red Sox fan, would I feel pain seeing Youk suiting up in pinstripes? Probably. But that doesn’t mean he did anything wrong.

Want to know who is doing something wrong? Do a Twitter search for “Youkilis” and “Jew.”

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