No, the Hijacked Mercedes Did Not Have a “Coexist” Sticker

The meme got out there, at some point early on Friday, that the Boston Marathon bombers, during their overnight theft and shooting spree, had hijacked a car with one of those “coexist” stickers. The implication being that the owners of the car were stupid hippie liberals who believe in equality, oppose prejudice, and are generally dismissive of the notion that all Muslims are evil.

The origin seems to be this screen cap, from local news coverage in Boston:


A great story, that seems to validate the right-wing view of things. But it’s not true.

The car the bombers hijacked was a Mercedes SUV. I’m not sure if the car above is a Mercedes, but it’s most assuredly not an SUV. It also doesn’t appear to have any bullet holes. Here’s the actual car, as photographed by ABC News later that day:

Screen shot 2013-04-20 at 11.18.56 AM

It’s very clearly not the same car- it’s taller, the back window appears to have been shot out and- most importantly- there’s no “Coexist” sticker.

Sounds like a lot of conservative leading lights fell for this one, however… 

UPDATE: It sounds like the suspects were driving two separate cars for part of the night, including a Honda. However, according to ABC News, the Honda was the younger brother’s own car, and was not hijacked from some clueless hippie. And once again, we have no idea if the car above was ever driven by either of the brothers.

5 thoughts on “No, the Hijacked Mercedes Did Not Have a “Coexist” Sticker

  1. liberalsaresodumb

    If only you were intelligent enough to know they carjacked two cars. A mercedes AND a honda. But thanks for coming out. Typical liberal looking at the issue on it’s surface without a thorough investigation. NEXT.

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