Recent Clip Roundup: E-Tell Essays Edition

Editing and writing for EntertainmentTell gives me a lot of opportunities to write essays and features about topics of my own choosing. Here are some from recent months:

My take on Miley Cyrus and why it’s not like the MTV VMAs haven’t always been about sexual exploitation and attention-whoring.

My rebuttal to the AV Club’s “Case Against Breaking Bad

Looking back once again at the “Skyler is a Bitch” issue, before the new season started.

Why no one thinks about “Avatar” anymore.

– Why CBS must release Brooklyn Bridge on DVD or streaming.

– Thinking about whether or not Sex and the City was a great show.

Is 3D really dead?

– Why Paula Deen was not, in fact, “lynched.”

– On rape jokes and making fun of Steve Gleason.

Check back on EntertainmentTell for more.

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