Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Recent Stuff

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah to all! It’s been a crazy fall, but I’m exciting for a long Thanksgiving weekend with family.

Here’s a roundup of some recently-published stuff:

– I returned to Philadelphia Magazine’s website this week with a piece about the so-called “Knockout Game,” which drew the most unhinged comments of anything I’ve ever written that didn’t involve the Penn State scandal. In my entire two years as a columnist on the Phillymag site I never once had the #1 story on the site; my first freelance piece has been that since yesterday.

I also put together a list, for EntertainmentTell, of the best non-Sandler Hanukkah songs.

– I’ve been getting Oscar screeners for the first time ever, but before I delve into those, some recent movie reviews. You can see all of the latest ones at my Rotten Tomatoes page.

– Do please check out EntertainmentTell itself, as well as the parent TechnologyTell site; we’ve been growing all year and adding writers, and we’ve got much bigger things planned for 2014.

Thanks for your support everyone, and have a happy holiday season!

1 thought on “Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Recent Stuff

  1. steve kokette

    I read your Knockout game article online.

    I’ve made a documentary called One Punch Homicide. It will reduce violence, crime, murders, and bullying, perhaps more than anything in our time. I encourage you to check out its web site at It’s already been released in Australia and New Zealand, and will be released soon in the U.S. In 1998 the American Psychiatric Association stated by the time Americans reach the age of 18 they’ve seen, on average, 200,000 acts of violence on screen. I think we’re cheating today’s young by allowing them to watch so much violence without teaching them that one punch can kill. Far more people die from one punch homicides every year than from the knockout game. The United Nation’s World Health Organization says every year billions of dollars are spent worldwide on injuries from punching incidents. New South Wales, an Australian state including Sydney, is debating whether they need mandatory minimum sentences for punching assaults resulting in death.


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