The Week in Silver: The Only Living Boys in New York Edition

timessquareLast weekend we headed up to New York City, taking our two sons into the city for a day for the first time for both of them (they’re 4 and 6.) It went pretty well, all things considered: Times Square, Ray’s Pizza, the M&M Store, Statue of Liberty, and Central Park, they enjoyed it all. Tourist stuff all, yes, but they’re little kids- I wasn’t going to take them to a punk show on the Bowery or anything like that.

Aside from a layover or two, I didn’t set foot in New York City until I was 18 years old and already in college. But I quickly fell for the place and moved there after graduation. I lived in New York from 2000 to 2005, arriving at age 22 and leaving at 27, and one thing that’s always fascinated me about the experience is that I never had any conception of either being a kid in New York, or having one. Being a kid who takes the subway to school, or walks by newsstands daily with nudie mags? I couldn’t even imagine it.

Then there’s the idea of parenting in New York City. Remember the Louie episode where his daughter suddenly gets off at the subway stop and he’s still on the train? That was my nightmare scenario for just about every minute we were on the subway- no, it didn’t actually happen, but… how many times a day, in New York City, does that happen? And how do you reunite with your kid?


I left NYC in 2005 when I happened to meet my future wife who lived in Philadelphia, although really I’d decided about a year earlier that it was time to bring that part of my life to a close. Why? I missed having a car and driving to work. I wanted to live somewhere that was a city and not a world capital. And I wanted to live somewhere besides tiny apartments, and figured that wasn’t happening anytime soon if I stayed in the Big Apple.

Do I regret leaving? Not for one day- things have turned out pretty well for me in Pennsylvania. But I appreciate that I live so close to New York, have occasional business-related reasons to return often, and can wander around, visit my old haunts (the ones that are still there, anyway) and have some idea of what I’m doing and where I’m going.

I’m also looking forward to sharing certain NYC adventures with my boys as they get older- especially of the baseball, theatrical and culinary varieties. But even so, I’m going to hold them extra-close on the subway, because that Louie scenario still scares the shit out of me.

On to this week’s writings:

At Splice Today, I reviewed Suicide Squad (with a brief aside on Don’t Think Twice.)

At Screenrant, I look at that very movie’s box office performance, what ever became of The Joker, and that insane petition to shut down Rotten Tomatoes. I also looked at Nine Lives’ silly, cat-pun-filled commercial, Michael Jordan’s pick to replace himself in Space Jam 2, the Game of Thrones election that lets GoT copy politics for once instead of the other way around, a first look at Amazon’s The Tick, and finally, a eulogy of The Big Lebowski himself, David Huddleston. Did you know he was Grandpa Arnold on The Wonder Years?

At Blasting News, I look at the disgusting smear campaign aimed at Khizr Khan by Trump surrogates, why I feel sorry (not really) for Trump’s campaign staffers and why, despite nonsense about Trump having Twitter followers, Hillary Clinton is very clearly winning.

And at Parachute, a road trip through the Phillies’ minor league affiliates.

Three big things are coming up this week, so stay tuned for those at my Twitter feed, @StephenSilver.

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