The Week in Silver: Back to Work Edition

I’m happy to report the news that I am returning to full-time work next week, in a new role as Social Media and Content Marketing Executive at Frank Recruitment Group. It’s a global recruiting firm, based in the UK and focused on the tech industry, although I’ll be on the web and social media side.

Some people say they hate working in an office, but I love it, and I’ve missed it. I’ve missed the energy and camaraderie of working closely with other people, and I’m excited to do that again starting Monday. I’ll also be right in Center City, at 18th and Market, so I’m free to meet those nearby for lunch. Anything I write that’s customer-facing will be shared here as well.

Luckily, the timing of my new job worked out perfectly, as I was able to attend more of the Philadelphia Film Festival than usual, while later this week I’ll be back at my alma mater, Brandeis, Thursday and Friday for the Comedy and the Constitution: The Legacy of Lenny Bruce” conference. Look for full coverage of both of those in the next week or two. And yes, with the new job I am planning to continue all of my outside writing, movie reviews included.

It was quite a long and at times agonizing job search, ever since I parted ways with Fox 29 back in February. There was the promising job that I went to New York to interview for and found out I didn’t get before I was even out of New Jersey. There was the really great-sounding position that I got all the way to the offer stage with before I was told, at the last minute, that it was unpaid. And there was the one I applied to, before I figured out that it was the publications arm of a cult. But anyway, thank you so much, everyone, for your support during my time out of work.

Here are some links to recent published writing:

Speaking of PFF: I previewed the lineup at Then, I reviewed the wondrous opening film, La La Land, as well as four more films at the festival, at Broad Street Review.

At Splice Today, I reviewed The Accountant, as well as Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.

At Blasting News:

– On the unintentionally hilarious “Wet Works” conspiracy theory, claiming that John Podesta had Justice Antonin Scalia murdered.

– Why your individual pet peeves aren’t to blame for the NFL’s ratings drop.

– Why lawn signs don’t matter.

– Disproving that myth about the “Tim Kaine rally with 30 people.”

And at Screenrant:

A video previewing the return of Twin Peaks. 

Why there shouldn’t be a HIMYM reunion.

The Coen Brothers are working on a movie called Dark Web.

On the marketing of Deadpool.

The last Spider-man, Andrew Garfield, is excited about the new one.

Andrew Lincoln talked about the Walking Dead premiere.

Joe Manganiello says The Batman starts filming in the spring.

And Adam West wants to be in the new movie.

As always, follow me on Twitter at @StephenSilver. 

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