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Crowe, Thome and Te’o

Some new writings published this week:

On Philly Post, I discussed why Jim Thome might not make the Hall of Fame.

At EntertainmentTell, I review “Broken City,” and also broke down some past pop culture moments that were echoed in the Manti Te’o story.

I also appeared this morning to discuss the Oscars and other movie stuff on the Morning Magazine show on WCHE in West Chester. Podcast of that will be posted at some point I am told.


I’m back from my annual trip to Vegas for CES. It was my fifth trip there, and I’m somehow not sick of it yet. I was, however, sick- stuck in my hotel room for a whole day that unfortunately knocked me out for all of Press Day, although I was fine by the next morning

I’ll have more for print later, but here’s my roundup of the star-studded Qualcomm keynote, which had cameos from everyone from Steve Ballmer to Alice Eve to Maroon 5.

Also, closer to home, here’s my Philly Post column for this week, about that “Nice Guys of OK Cupid” site.

Happy New Year!

I’d say I had a pretty good 2012: I gained a son (and a nephew, too), celebrated five years of marriage, traveled less than usual but still very memorably, launched the kind of website that I’ve wanted to edit for my whole professional life, finally relaunched this blog, saw more than 100 movies, and a whole lot more.

And there’s much more to come in the coming days and weeks; stay tuned for that.

Last new writings for the year: My review of Saturday’s awesome Hold Steady show here in Philly– at which Craig Finn implored the crowd to “take care of my good friend Ben Revere”, a pan of the DVD of the anti-“Moneyball” propaganda film “Trouble With the Curve,” and a review of the Favi SmartStick, an Apple TV/Roku alternative product for turning your dumb TV smart.

That’s all for now, happy new year!