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Highlights of this Week’s Writings

I had quite a prolific week of new writings.

For the Philly Post, I wrote about the FCC’s correct decision to not pursue fines after David Ortiz cursed on the air before the first post-bombing Red Sox game.

At EntertainmentTell, a ton of stuff: My essay on the Coexist sticker flap- with an Adam Carolla angle to fit the Entertainment part of the site, is here.

I also reviewed Michael Bay’s odious new movie “Pain & Gain,” as well as the documentary “Koch,” and I interviewed the director of the latter film (not, thankfully, the former.)

In addition, I wrote about the renewal of Parenthood, a particularly funny old Facts of Life clip, and the arrival of the complete Saturday Night Live archive on Yahoo.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

In Defense of Michelle Obama at the Oscars

That’s the topic of this week’s Philly Post column.

By the way, I made an error, which I caught right before submission, and fixed. But if I hadn’t fixed it, it might have led to the following correction:

An earlier version of this column stated that radio host Mark Levin, after Michelle Obama’s Oscar appearance Sunday, compared the First Lady to Eva Peron. In fact, Levin’s Michelle-as-Eva quote was from several months before the Oscars, and was in reference to the First Lady’s proposed school lunch standards.

Crowe, Thome and Te’o

Some new writings published this week:

On Philly Post, I discussed why Jim Thome might not make the Hall of Fame.

At EntertainmentTell, I review “Broken City,” and also broke down some past pop culture moments that were echoed in the Manti Te’o story.

I also appeared this morning to discuss the Oscars and other movie stuff on the Morning Magazine show on WCHE in West Chester. Podcast of that will be posted at some point I am told.

Four Things Wrong With That Very, Very Bad Megan Fox Esquire Profile

Here it is. And here’s what’s wrong:

1. It’s horribly written, and you get the sense that the author was figuratively (and probably literally) jerking off as he wrote it.

2. It’s about three years too late in Megan Fox’s career arc for a magazine cover profile, and there’s not much about her that’s left to explore. She’s hot, and she occasionally says crazy things. We knew that in 2008.

3. “Lena Dunham and Adele and Lady Gaga and Amy Adams are all perfectly plain.” Oh, shut up.

4. Amy Adams is sexier than Megan Fox, and I don’t think it’s particularly close. And I’d much rather read a cover story about her. Just not by this idiot.