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The Case Against the Paterno Birthers and Truthers

I wrote a column for The Philly Post Wednesday in which I reviewed “Framing Paterno,” a new mini-movie which argues that Joe Paterno did nothing wrong. In the film neither the director, John Ziegler, nor any of the people he interviews express the slightest bit of outrage or anger that numerous children were molested. It’s all about JoePa.

I’m generally content to let what I wrote speak for itself, but answers to a few questions I’ve gotten so far: I’ve reviewed hundreds of movies over the years, and never felt the need to call the director before writing my review, yes I read the Freeh Report, yes it contains “damning emails,” no, I was not as good a football player as Franco Harris, yet I’m confident that I’m right here and he’s wrong.

To those who contacted me, I quote George Orwell:”To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.”

I have donated the fee I was paid for writing the article to RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network), and I encourage others to support that worthy cause as well.

Quote of the Day

These people are birthers. They are 9/11 “truthers.” They live under rocks and wear tinfoil hats. They will eventually disappear, with most grumbling and muttering madly as they connect on message boards, exchanging all-caps rants. Harris’s bizarre behavior can likely be chalked up to football-related deterioration, and his brain will be in a Boston University bell-jar sooner rather than later

– Dan Bernstein, of CBS in Chicago, on the Joe Paterno dead-enders. Much more on that later this week.