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In Defense of Michelle Obama at the Oscars

That’s the topic of this week’s Philly Post column.

By the way, I made an error, which I caught right before submission, and fixed. But if I hadn’t fixed it, it might have led to the following correction:

An earlier version of this column stated that radio host Mark Levin, after Michelle Obama’s Oscar appearance Sunday, compared the First Lady to Eva Peron. In fact, Levin’s Michelle-as-Eva quote was from several months before the Oscars, and was in reference to the First Lady’s proposed school lunch standards.

This Week’s New Writings

Three new columns/essays this week:

– At Philly Post, I wrote about the Eagles, their decision to raise ticket prices and why unpopular as it is, people will pay the new prices. Come of the column and stay for the new picture.

– And at EntertainmentTell, I look at the arrival of Dish’s Hopper with Sling, and at a plot line shared by Girls and The Mindy Project.

Crowe, Thome and Te’o

Some new writings published this week:

On Philly Post, I discussed why Jim Thome might not make the Hall of Fame.

At EntertainmentTell, I review “Broken City,” and also broke down some past pop culture moments that were echoed in the Manti Te’o story.

I also appeared this morning to discuss the Oscars and other movie stuff on the Morning Magazine show on WCHE in West Chester. Podcast of that will be posted at some point I am told.

First Essays of the Year

On Philadelphia magazine’s Philly Post, I look at Hillary Clinton’s health scare and the silly doctors who diagnose her from afar. Thanks to my sister-in-law Hannah, an infectious disease specialist and authority on blood clots, for her help on this one.

And on EntertainmentTell, it’s my January Tell magazine column, in which I eagerly await the arrival of the universal cloud DVR.