Writings of Late

I apologize for the lack of posts recently; it’s been a crazy fall with lots of work and lots of travel. Here’s some new writings from this month:

At EntertainmentTell, I’ve got movie reviews of “12 Years a Slave,” “All is Lost,” “Captain Phillips,” “Gravity,” “The Fifth Estate,” and more, which you can find at my Rotten Tomatoes page. I’m also newly a member of the Online Film Critics Society,

Also recently from the site: A shot at CNN’s plans to rip off The Daily Show; an essay about this year’s How I Met Your Mother season; some making fun of Maureen Dowd;  and some investigation into which baseball team Bryan Cranston roots for.

For Philadelphia magazine, I wrote about Ruben Amaro’s stathead hiring plans, that awesome new commercial for the Eagles and that weird trucker protest in DC. Last month marked the end of my time as a weekly columnist there, but I may pop up occasionally in the future.

And last and best, here’s the latest blog post from Noah and Jonah covering, among other events, the wedding of their Aunt Amy and Uncle Jason.

Recent Clip Roundup: Movie Reviews

You can always find my movie reviews at EntertainmentTell and on my Rotten Tomatoes page; I’m also pleased to announce that I recently became a member of the Online Film Critics Society.

Here are some recent notable movie reviews:

– “Short Term 12″

– “The Spectacular Now”

– “Drinking Buddies”

– “Jobs”

– “The Act of Killing”

– “Fruitvale Station”

– “We’re the Millers”

Recent Clip Roundup: E-Tell Essays Edition

Editing and writing for EntertainmentTell gives me a lot of opportunities to write essays and features about topics of my own choosing. Here are some from recent months:

My take on Miley Cyrus and why it’s not like the MTV VMAs haven’t always been about sexual exploitation and attention-whoring.

My rebuttal to the AV Club’s “Case Against Breaking Bad

Looking back once again at the “Skyler is a Bitch” issue, before the new season started.

Why no one thinks about “Avatar” anymore.

– Why CBS must release Brooklyn Bridge on DVD or streaming.

– Thinking about whether or not Sex and the City was a great show.

Is 3D really dead?

– Why Paula Deen was not, in fact, “lynched.”

– On rape jokes and making fun of Steve Gleason.

Check back on EntertainmentTell for more.

Worst Article of the Week?

So many contenders this week!

Was it the Daily Beast piece implying that the former Bradley Manning will enjoy going to prison for the rape? The Daily Caller HotTake that Barack Obama is the first female president? The latest Maureen Dowd disaster, this one driven entirely by an egregious misquote that spawned a correction almost as long as the column?

And that’s to say nothing about the self-righteous pearl-clutching that just about every sports columnist heaved at Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun. Good thing it’s August and half of America is on vacation.