Monthly Archives: December 2007

Mushnick Still Sucks

Not living in New York anymore, I read the Post a lot less, so I’d forgotten just how insufferable Phil Mushnick was. But nearly as bad as the I-hate-everything sanctimony is the end-of-column attempts at humor. Such as yesterday’s:

Show Biz Joke of the Year:
Man walks into a psychiatrist’s office. “Doc,” he says, “I can’t stop singing the song, ‘Delilah.'”
“Hmmm,” says the shrink, “sounds as if you’re suffering from Tom Jones Syndrome.”
“Is that rare?” the patient asks.
“It’s not unusual,” replies the doctor.

I think that joke is older than I am. Showbiz joke of what year? 1984?

Will Smith and Hitler

In a year of celebrity racial scandals, this one’s probably the most absurd. Obviously, Smith wasn’t praising Hitler, and obviously, in stating that he believes “everyone is basically good,” Will was paraphrasing that other notorious Hitler sympathizer, Anne Frank.
The stupidest thing of all is that no one was really offended- that is, unless you consider the Jewish Defense League “somebody.” The most shocking thing of all here is that Meir Kahane’s old group is even still around. I’m guessing at this point it must consist of two or three guys in an apartment in Brooklyn somewhere.
As for “I am Legend,” there was one aspect I found totally unbelievable and unconvincing- how could the female scientist have possibly not heard of Bob Marley? I mean, didn’t she go to college, and live in a dorm?