Monthly Archives: April 2005

Quote of the Day

“One more note for anyone watching: I always wondered why Krista Allen wasn’t one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood, since she’s more attractive than just about anyone out there. Now we know why. Good golly.”

Bill Simmons, referencing last night’s episode of “Project Greenlight,” which featured actress Allen showing up, drunk off her ass, to the movie’s last night of filming at 4 AM.
There are two things about last night’s episode that I’m surprised Sports Guy didn’t mention: first, he was quoted, in a commercial for the show that aired on Bravo, referring to director John Gulager as possibly “the biggest wacko in the history of Hollywood.” (The attribution was to “”; funny that they would promote themselves with the strange but nevertheless correct idea that their director is a wacko.)
Second is the classicly awkward moment on last night’s episode in which Gulager went up to Allen to tell her that she’d changed her bra, and that since the new bra (unlike the old) didn’t render her nipples visible, that would thus be a continuity error and she’d have to change back. It’s silly, yes, but hey- fanboys notice that sort of thing. Too bad “Feast” won’t have any fanboys.

Blame It On Herschel

During the boardroom segment of tonight’s episode of “The Apprentice,” contestant Alex, in a last-ditch effort to avoid being fired, played a rare card- he invoked USFL football.
After Trump referenced a losing streak by Alex in previous tasks, Alex out of nowhere brought up the losing 1984 season of the New Jersey Generals, a team in the upstart football league that was owned by Trump. And in doing this, Alex invoked the name of the Generals’ star running back, Herschel Walker.
As all Vikings fans know, introducing Herschel into the equation is never, ever a good idea. Alex was fired.

What Nerve

The best site on the web for revelatory essays about Jewish love is What used to be a softcore smut site first gave us that memoir of Jewish youth group debauchery last week, and now features a pair of essays, by sisters, both about an upcoming Jewish wedding, and touches on all the issues of class, manners, and intermarriage among the tribe that have long fascinated myself and others. Check them out here and here.