Monthly Archives: July 2013

Film Critic Quote of the Day

Wesley Morris on “RIPD”:

Poor Stephanie Szostak is in the Demi Moore part. She played a screenwriter’s predictable fantasy of a sexy French lover in Dinner for Schmucks, a movie that’s like having a hippopotamus sit on your face. If she’s worse off here, it’s only because the hippopotamus has a bigger ass.

Quote of the Day

Paul Waldman, on the Rolling Stone cover controversy:

On the most basic level, this reminds me a lot of the days after September 11, when discussion of what produces and motivates terrorists would inevitably be met in some quarters with “We don’t need to understand them, we need to kill them!” as though any attempt at understanding was just a cover for siding with the terrorists against America. That’s kind of like saying that a football coach reviewing tapes of his team’s next opponent to prepare for the game is siding with the other team

On “McNabbing”

Drew Magary, speaking the truth:

 I have a theory about this. Let’s call it the McNabbing of quarterbacks. NFL executives and analysts have devised a system in which any talented and suggestible young quarterback will find himself hounded and hounded until, in the end, he assumes the very characteristics that they mistakenly believe he possesses. This isn’t a traditional case of building someone up and tearing him down. This is trolling on an elaborate scale. This is finding a ripe target and molding him in the image of your worst bogeyman. Johnny Manziel may not have been a douchebag a year ago. But by the time the machine is finished with him, he will be.