Monthly Archives: September 2007

Things We Learn From Wikipedia

From the entry on the awesome, Israeli/summer camp sport ga-ga, we learn this about Ali G/Borat:

The comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, despite his lanky frame, was noted for being a champion ga-ga player in his Habonim days. According to his official online biography, Cohen won the Habonim UK ga-ga championship on multiple occasions and in 1992 led his country to a silver medal in the world ga-ga ball championships eventually coming in second to the undefeated Australian Habonim team.

All the usual Wikipedia disclaimers apply, of course, but how cool is that? Especially since being a ga-ga player over six feet tall is about as much a handicap as being a basketball player under 5’5″.

The “Over/Under on the N-Word” at the Linc

The Philadelphia City Paper’s Ted Hesson was at the Eagles game Sunday, and counts the times he heard #5 called you-know-what-word by the drunken mouth-breathers in the stands. Of course, by the fourth quarter, I’d imagine it was more along the lines of “that [n-word] has four touchdowns!”
In the meantime, Howard Bryant- a great, great addition to has a dynamite piece on the last few months of intersections between race and sports, interspersed with all the hate mail he’s gotten from all sides. Just as with McNabb, the reaction to the piece proves its author right.

Cornering the Market on Michael Lewis

The San Francisco 49ers on Wednesday signed Michael Lewis, formerly of the Saints, to be their new punt returner. Lewis is not be confused with the other Michael Lewis, the safety who used to be with the Eagles, who is also now a 49er; I’m curious as to how they’ll hand the names-on-the-back-of-the-uniforms issue.
The 49ers have not announced any plans to sign the Michael Lewis who wrote “Moneyball,” as he is not, to anyone’s knowledge, a professional football player. ESPN the Magazine last year, however, did give a byline to Michael Lewis the safety, leading to widespread confusion among just about everyone who read it.